PILOT PROJECT - VenEsperanza Consortium

iMMAP and the VenEsperanza consortium have conducted a pilot project for the implementation of innovative technologies to strengthen the process of collecting and verifying the contact information of potential applicants for the MPCA grant program (Multi-purpouse Cash Assistance). The pilot project consisted of 2 stages in which the following activities were carried out:

Stage 1

  1. Use of Facebook ads, segmented by geographic location (Villa del Rosario, NS) and by expatriate status (People who opened their account in Venezuela and are now in the specified location), to reach Venezuelans in Colombia who could be potential candidates. 
  2. Enabling pre-registration, data update and arrival report forms through a website to users who clicked on the Facebook ad.
  3. Identity validation through a form, connected to an identity validation API using artificial intelligence, which will provide a validation status within minutes.
  4. Display of the validated candidates' information on a dashboard in which the consortium partners can find and download the information.

Stage 2

  1. Optimization of the forms used in step 1.
  2. Implementation of information gathering tasks in the field through a Kobo form used by the facilitators assigned by the consortium partner organizations.
  3. Implementation of a WhatsApp chatbot as a new channel for pre-registration, data update, arrival reporting and Questions, complains or suggestions.
  4. Automation of the Arrival Report process by sending automated messages via WhatsApp.
  5. Integration of the different information collection channels into a single database.
  6. Processing of information to eliminate duplicates or records with information that did not meet quality standards.


Step 1
Invitation in Villa del Rosario, Norte de Santander.
Step 2
Invitation's location.
Step 3
Registration and identification process.

Assistance to the population of "caminantes" with MPCA to the destination.

Three tools have been made available to allow the pre-registration of "caminantes" to their program, the updating of contact information and reporting of arrival at their destination, with the objective of supporting the program to deliver aid to the families most affected by the migratory crisis.

Implemented tools

Kobo Form
Facebook Group


A chatbot is an automated assistant that communicates with users through text messages, allowing interaction with the organization in an agile manner, at any time and without the need for an agent, facilitating communication between migrants and organizations by providing advantages such as 24/7 availability, greater coverage, information gathering according to the availability of time and connectivity of users and the use of instant messaging applications that users already have.

iMMAP has developed a chatbot focused on facilitating the consortium's contact with migrants and refugees as well as opening a new channel for migrants to pre-register for the program. The chatbot, through a virtual assistant, allows real-time access to the data update, arrival report and Questions and suggestions forms.

The Chatbot represents the most impactful mechanism implemented by iMMAP in the framework of this project, since migrants can count on the accompaniment in the processes established to participate in the program. This technology opens a constant communication channel and facilitates the accompaniment while they are walking to their destination. Integrated with WhatApp, the assistant facilitates, in an automated manner, access to the filling out of the forms, taking advantage of the coverage and availability of this channel.