During the development of the project, some interviews were carried out, which allowed collecting the experiences on the articulation of the joint work with iMMAP


For the completion of the project, a series of surveys were carried out to determine the relevance of the coordination activities, the information products and the exit strategy.

identification of the perception of the clusters regarding the transition strategy.

  • In this survey, the leaders of the Wash cluster, ADR gender-based violence, SAN and education in emergencies participated.
  • 10 questions were asked inquiring about the main aspects related to the transition strategy and the participation of the iMMAP IMEs in said strategy.


The survey was carried out in order to evaluate the support that iMMAP provided to the clusters, the quality of the products and to know the improvement actions that we could implement in the support to the partners.

COORDINATION SATISFACTION SURVEY: Evaluate the support that iMMAP provides to the clusters and the ONIC.

Aspects that iMMAP performed timely and should be maintained going forward​
  • Analysis of official national health data.​
  • Information management and cluster partner reports support.​
  • Thorough approach to information products and processes. ​
  • Training for sectoral organizations on using information tools.
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